Saturday, July 9, 2011

Browser Android, Tian sky Apk Browser

TianTian sky Android Browser Apk

Tiantian sky Android Browser Apk

Software features:
1 on-line watch high-definition video: each browser with each video, the foremost exclusive support full HD video sites, including: Youku, potatoes, Fantastic Art, QQLive, Pipi and thus on.
(2) ultra-fast ultra-provincial traffic: the fastest engine core, by transfer, information compression, flow savings of up to ninetieth.
3 dual-mode browser resolution: web mode, a straightforward model of a key switch, movable and computer expertise.
4. scan mode to scan the novel: intelligent memory reading section, slide down the screen automatically load the content.
5 Forum model, intelligent full-screen, multi-touch, gestures, quick forward and back

The world’s 1st high-definition audio and video on-line play Html5 to Andrews users iphone / ipad expertise, support flash10, is to seem at high-definition video, to the farm to steal food, paying attention to music radio, scan fiction news, forum searching created to it, and also the most well-liked browser.

Update log:
1 new gestures, forward and back, one-handed operation and versatile
2 totally supports reading mode, intelligent read-ahead, full-screen expertise
3 individual centers: microblogging accounts associated Ninetowns game privileges, attendance continued to send Gifts
4 + browser on a daily basis, every day, video, support QQLive, Sohu high-definition video, potatoes, cool play.
5 new color screen, additional to shield their eyesight.
6. don't Disturb, ad-free novel reading expertise.
7 memory optimization, to unravel all types of crashes before.
8. Optimize server performance, web faster.
9. Replace a additional intuitive interface to delete the bookmark icon.
10. Optimize the download expertise.
11 out of additional easy tips.

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