Friday, July 8, 2011

Google Maps Android 7 international map Ready

Google Maps Android 7 international map Ready to Activated

Installation guide:
How to re-sign inst version/renew:
1. In support of titanium, maps and build a backup.
2. Maps and delete knowledge, then uninst.
3. Street read and clean the info, then uninst
4. Maps5.7.0-Inst-testkeyresign.apk ownhere
5. progressing to the market and see reinst street.

Google Maps Android Ver

Asian Development Bank or

Maps 1st uninst / system / app
adb remount
adb push / maps5.7.0-ownhere.apk / system / app

Replace the Data

Get Google Maps with navigation (Beta), Places and Latitude

* Navigation: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system
* Locations: Search, rate, and obtain recommendations for places
* Latitude: seeing friends on the maps and record sites

Download Google Maps Android 7 : Downlaod


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