Friday, July 8, 2011

GPS Navigation Android, Aura ygic 30 Android apps Apk

Gps Navigation Aura ygic 30 Android apps Apk Download

GPS Navigation Aura ygic thirty Android apps,
Sygic is that the premium pass-turn GPS navigation application
Sygic has an intuitive, drag the map, pinch to zoom, amendment the read with integrated compass and purpose of the faucet sq. to settle on the action
Sygic is comfy and safe: Advanced Routing is optimized for real-time traffic
Sygic is full of valuable contents: TomTom maps with 3D read of cities and landscapes that are updated for gratis and thousands of POIs within the classes of integral
ITINERARY ADVANCED GPS navigation Sygic Aura thirty Android Applications
- produce routes with one bit or benchmark by benchmark
- Save route
-Edit ways – amendment the order, add or delete waypoints, destination and departure purpose
- Establish an freelance purpose of current location
- See the route directions as text or pictures
- Avoid any section of the route with one bit

Search powerful GPS navigation Sygic Aura thirty Android Applications
- Direct search within the street while not having to recollect names of cities or suburbs to search out a destination
- Intelligent search is accountable for misprints
- attend Contacts
- attend a Postal Code
- attend attractions
- Navigation Home
-attend the intersection

TRAFFIC absolutely integrated (available as a subscription service / shop)
- Notification of recent incidents on the road
-straightforward to avoid incidents
- Extension of every incident is shown on the map
- Estimated delay for every incident
- And automatic calculation of ETA
- Sound notification of recent delays

APP that meets your wants GPS navigation Sygic Aura thirty Android Applications
- customise what you see on the navigation screen
- Save and edit bookmarks in line with your wants
- Timer outdoors
- Traveled routes and altitude profiles statistics on the travel book
- The pedestrian navigation
- Facebook and Twitter integration
- Friends on the map

SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE OF THE USER GPS navigation Sygic Aura thirty Android Applications
- automotive audio integration via Bluetooth or cable
- Seamless navigation whereas calling with automatic come to navigation
- Voice steerage from the background when the screen turns off
- Providing info, vote for brand spanking new options or contact directly from the appliance

Sygic GPS navigation skilled Aura options thirty Android applications
- Turn-by-step voice-guided GPS navigation
-3D town and landscape
- Real-time traffic (available as a subscription service
- Highway incident and share real-time notification of incidents
- Speed ​​camera and speed limit show and audio alert
- Lane Assistant and signs

Aura ygic 30 Android apps Apk

Compatible with most GPS navigation Sygic Aura Android thirty
- Hardware accelerated 3D rendering
- Compass-sensing steering
- Support for high-resolution screen
-Automatic resizing of pill screen resolution

GPS Navigation valuable content Sygic Aura thirty Android Applications
- the most recent TomTom maps stored on your phone
- Free map updates
- The speed limit, radar and points of interest changes
- 3D read of cities and therefore the countryside

Download Gps Navigation Aura ygic 30 Android Apk : Download

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