Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HD GAME Android Airplane War Apk,Air attack,sky war lite

* 8-level bosses huge
* four varieties of control: bit, relative inclination, Joypad
* Support App2SD
* NVIDIA Tegra-based devices support – THD
* PLAY Xperia optimized
* Orchestral Music
* three problem modes
* Real-time Physics
* Bridges and destructible buildings
* Shmup with wonderful 3D environments enhanced with lightmaps and SpecularMaps
* eight giant missions
* fifty eight varieties of enemies
* two Single Aircraft
* various enhancements and special weapons
* Lighting and wonderful lighting tricks

Android Airplane War Apk Android Game

Awarded ensuing generation of top-down shooter combat air with gorgeous 3D graphics

Part one + half two
Air Attack HD – is awarded ensuing generation of top-down shooter aerial combat with gorgeous 3D graphics with fantastic sound effects and gorgeous gameplay.
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