Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huawei Unveils LCD's 7-inch Tablet Running OS Android 3.2 Devices

Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei unveiled a 7-inch pill running version three.2 of Google's Android mobile OS on Monday. It plans to sell the device within the Americas, Asia-Pacific and a few European countries within the third quarter.

Huawei Unveils With 7-inch Tablet Running OS Android 3.2

Huawei unveiled the new 7-inch pill, referred to as the MediaPad in a very webcast on Monday.

The pill is that the initial to use version three.2 of Google's Android OS, details of that haven't nevertheless been posted on Where the one.x and 2.x versions were designed for smartphones, the 3.x versions are optimized for device tablets.

Versions 3.0 and 3.1 were Huawei Unveils designed to run on one0-inch tablets, according Victor Xu, Huawei's chief promoting officer for devices. Android 3.2, but is very specifically designed to run on a 7-inch pill, he said.

Google's bigger China sales and operations director, Keven Tang, conjointly took half within the webcast. "With Google's latest technology, Huawei's devices MediaPad can bring lots of nwtwork client expertise and additional option to the patron," he said.

Huawei Unveils declined to reveal the worth for the device. however the corporate said it might be sold through telecommunication operators moreover as shops.

The pill is ten.5 mm thick and weighs 390 grams. In distinction, Apple's iPad a pair of is eight.8 mm thick and weighs 613 grams.

The MediaPad's options embody a Qualcomm dual-core one.2-Ghz processor, a 5-megapixel camera at the rear and a one.3-megapixel camera in front, and an HDMI port. It will play back 1080p high-definition video(HD).

While Huawei isn't called a pill manufacturered, the Chinese company is making an attempt to grow its presence within the mobile device market. It already booking with produces mobile phones sold through telecommunication operators.

Last year Huawei launched another pills devices(Huawei Unveils) the Ideos S7, in some markets. The pills ran Android a pair of.1 and value between US$310 and $420.

Huawei's new MediaPad, however, is using the newest technology and will ask for to compete against tablets from the likes of Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.

Apple has the most important share within the pill market nowadays, with the company's iPad devices creating up eighty three p.c of all pill sales last year, per analysis firm Gartner of For this year, Apple's share is forecast to fall to sixty-seven p.c as its rivals enter the market with their own devices. Gartner expects Android tablets' market share grow to twenty one.9 percent(%).

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