Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pocket Legend Android Apk Rpg Game

Pocket legend Android Apk

SELECT: health potion
START: Mana Potion
UP: Chat
BELOW: untargeted
LEFT: the target of the cycle of the left
LEFT: Cycle of objective law
X: Attack
Circle / triangle / PLAZA: Skills used
L1: Left row cycle ability
R1: the power to cycle right to the row
DPAD LEFT: Move player
DPAD RIGHT: Move the camera

Recent changes:
+ Added support for Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY
+ High-app in Android Market to support the acquisition. You can
Platinum currently buys directly into the application!

Legends of the pocket is committed to freedom of the gaming expertise where players will progress through most of the content and even reach the utmost power level and knowledge at no value to you. searching within the game of “Platinum” offers the chance of saving generally, the time in their own progress or distinctive things or equipment.

Play with anyone, anywhere!
Pocket Legends played on nearly any connection: Wireless, Edge, 3G or 4G and most mobile devices. additionally, all players are connected to an equivalent game world and play during a single server set … which implies you'll don't have any bother finding his friends within the game world and play with them at any time. In fact, players from over two hundred countries already play Legends of pocket.

What will you choose?
Will you fight elbow to the fingers as a mighty warrior Ursa Major, shooting arrows from a distance as a keen bird keeper, or throw fireballs like an arcane mystical witch elves? you furthermore mght get to settle on and develop their skills favorite.
Download pocket legend Android apk : Download

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