Sunday, July 10, 2011

Remote Desktop Android control server apk

Remote Desktop Control Android apk

Full Remote Desktop net Android options
* net SMS: send, browse and manage messages within the browser. Support long SMS, mass SMS messages and false.
* File Browser: manage files on the SD card and transfer files between phone and laptop. * Support multiple upload by dragging and dropping (for HTML five browser), Image Viewer, Media Player, etc.
* Wi-Fi keyboard: enter the phone using your laptop keyControl Your net, Remote net Desktop Full ANDROID APPSboard.
* Webcam: flip your phone into a wireless camera, read your camera to the net browser (2.2 +)
* Screen Capture: Capture screen phone EB (phone industry)
* FTP Server: providing a high speed channel to transfer files between phone and laptop, permits you to manage files in Windows File Explorer sdcard, the browser or FTP shopper.
* Remote management: read and remote control of your android within your laptop. * together with mouse and keyboard emulation.
* Shared Clipboard: clipboard text sharing between computer and phone.
* Funds: Set wallpaper phone to upload a photograph or image on-line.
APK * net Installer: backup applications to the SD card, and install APK through File Explorer net desktop.
Personal net Server: serve their personal sites on your phone.
* HTTP SSL: Provides 512-bit RSA encryption
* Network Bridge: Ineternet support all connections (2G/3G/WiFi), access to your phone anywhere.
* several new options are returning soon.

Full Remote Desktop net Android
The desktop is that the best on-line Android, that provides the best thanks to remotely manage and management the phone’s net browser, totally support all connections 3G/WiFi/USB.
Download Desktop remote controll android apk : Download

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