Friday, July 15, 2011

Ringer Genie Android apk download new

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Ringer Genie professional Android

Requirements: Android a pair of.1+
Overview: Ringer Genie controls the ringer for ‘Do Not Disturb (DnD)’ moments.
Ringer Genie controls the ringer for ‘Do Not Disturb (DnD)’ moments. No a lot of ‘Shh’, ’Shush’, 'Quiet Please' or ‘Turn off phones’ comments in conferences! you'll get all of your meetings from your calendars and direct Ringer Genie to create your mobile to remain silent/vibrate for that length, enable selected few to contact you when busy, send SMS/Text to your family informing them of event finish time. No Missed calls attributable to phone being in silent/vibrate mode for unintended amount.
Some salient options of Ringer Genie:
- Set Ringer mode to Silent, Vibrate and Airplane for a given schedule
- Ability to start out, pause, restart and stop fast Event with One Click for immediate and unpredictable conferences
- Get events from your calendar and auto associate a Ringer Profile
- Add events to your calendar
- Add Recurring event for Auto Silencer e.g. throughout night or faculty time
- Exception for important/emergency calls from selected few employing a VIP Pass.

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Name         :         Ringer Genie professional Android

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