Friday, July 8, 2011

Temp Pro CPU Pro v3 Apps Android Apk

Pro CPU v3 Apps for Android

CPU Pro-Android

** Note to all or any users, this application makes duelcores support (it works perfectly well in my Tegra two transformer). i do know he has issues with the manner user interface for users of HTC. I’m undecided why the device doesn't work with my hands till one)
* 3.95 Changes:
Added Red Rx / Tx rate statistics
It has all the statistics within the notification
-Minor changes
** issues once reboot? don't install to sd! put in on the phone and every one issues solved once reboot.
What you get in pro:
-Statistics within the Notification Bar
Network-Rx / Tx speed (KB / s)
Update time-Changeable
-* C or F *
-Changeable text color and icon.
-Choose any four statistics:
CPU frequency
CPU Composite%
CPU temperature (you want the support of the kernel)
Bate temperature
SMS Statistics

Download temp ++ CPU Pro V3 Apps Android Apk : Download

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