Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alchemy ~ Genetics Premium v1.1.5 (1.1.5) Android Apk Game

Alchemy ~ Genetics Premium v1.1.5
Requirements: ANDROID:1.5 and up
Overview: Game for people who have a sense of humor! Addictive like Alchemy, amazing like Genetics! Lots of fun, and many hours of gameplay.

Combine different animals to create new species. Start with 4 and go up to 500, from obvious to unlikely to bizarre combinations.

PREMIUM version:

  • No ads

  • Less permissions

  • Option to "lock" animals in TVs


In this game your elements are animals and "genes", and new breeds are created by adding a trait of one creature to another, for example:
Ant + Rat [Tailed] = Scorpion (an arthropod with a tail)
Anchovy + Chicken [Domestic] = Golden Carp (a domestic fish)
Golden Carp + Scorpion = ???

What's New:
  • +25 new animals, 500 now!


Download Instructions:


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