Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blade Buddy PRO 1.38 (v1.38) Android Apk App

Blade Buddy PRO v1.38
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3
Overview: Blade Buddy PRO allows you go edit various system settings on your Android Device


  • Enable hardware acceleration (required for some games to run)

  • Disable boot animation

  • Enable/Disable Stagefright codecs (helps some games, and videos - depends on device whether this helps or not)

  • Disable forced camera shutter sound

  • Change LCD Density

  • Change WIFI scanning interval

  • Alter Dalvik VM Heap Size

  • Alter Dalvik VM Heap Start Size

  • Alter Dalvik VM Heap Growth Limit

  • Quick reboot, reboot recovery, reboot bootloader, quick power-off

  • Re-mount /system as read-write (PRO only - requires working busybox)

  • Re-mount /system as read-only (PRO only - requires working busybox)

NOTE: this software requires a rooted phone and root permissions to work. In addition, some functions require a recent version of BusyBox to be installed.

WARNING: changing system settings can put your phone into a non-working state. Please make sure you know what you are doing as I am not responsible for any damage caused by using this app.

What's in this version:
  • Fix expired version bug

Download Instructions:


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