Monday, August 29, 2011

BLN control - Pro 0.15.7 (v0.15.7) Android Apk App

BLN control - Pro v0.15.7
Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: The BLN mod turns the touchkey backlights into a notification led.
BLN control - Pro v0.15.7

This app *REQUIRES* a kernel with BLN mod.

== What is the BLN mod? ==
The BLN mod turns the touchkey backlights into a notification led.

It enables any android application to use the touchkey backlights of your phone as a notification led.

Supported Samsung Galaxy S phones:

  • Galaxy S i9000,

  • Galaxy S Captivate

  • Galaxy S Fascinate

  • Galaxy S Vibrant

  • Google Nexus S

== Features: ==
  1. * enable/disable the BLN function by:

  2. * app

  3. * locale plug-in

  4. * scheduler (disable BLN at night, ...)

  5. * widget

  6. * adjustable timeout of static led notification

  7. * update notification (new BLN app, liblights or kernel releases)

  8. * locale plug-in(s) to toggle statuses of:

  9. bln, blinking, scheduler, static led, notification led

  10. * blinking**:

  11. * select the time of led-on/-off interval

  12. * select total blinking duration (5-60 minutes or unlimited)

  13. * select led status after blinking ends(on/off)

  14. * stop blinking if battery is below a selectable % level

  15. * adjustable timeout of static led notification after blinking

  16. * adds led notifications to:

  17. * phone app (missed calls)

== Features planned: ==
  • * add led notification support to the calendar

== Attention: ==
** Please notice that blinking consumes more energy than static backlight! And it requires at least froyo.

Please do NOT use the comments in the market for bug reports/feature requests or any other support requests.
Please contact me by e-mail or at xda-forum - thank you.

Recent changes:
  • added: Dutch translation

  • added: Japanese translation

  • added: Russian translation

  • added: Swedish translation

  • fixed: layout issues

  • fixed: minor bugs

Download Instructions:


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