Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camera WiFi LiveStream 1.6.2 (v1.6.2) Android Apk App

Camera WiFi LiveStream v1.6.2
Requirements: Android OS 1.6 +
Overview: Stream video and audio directly from your Android camera across a WiFi network!

Stream video and audio from your Android device camera directly across your Wi-Fi network in real-time, to be viewed and remotely controlled in a web browser. Can be used to spy on people, a serious surveillance device or just for fun!
What will you LiveStream?

* If you want to use this application as a baby monitor, then you should download “BabyCam Monitor” which is also from dooblou – it does everything this app does but has more features specific to monitoring babies safely. *

* BEST LiveStream application available on the Android Market! *


  • 1. Stream real-time live video and audio from your Android device camera to a web browser;

  • 2. Very simple to use for everybody - no configuration needed;

  • 3. Remotely control the camera! Takes pictures and videos using the web browser;

  • 4. Disguise mode and touch screen locking so your device can't be detected;

  • 5. Requires Java installed on the web browser computer;

  • 6. Advanced settings to tweak performance;

  • 7. Choice of streaming resolutions;

  • 8. Only uses a WiFi network – does NOT support 3G;

  • 9. LOTS more features in development.

What's in this version:
  • Better integration between SECuRET applications, i.e. stream from SECuRET LiveStream to SECuRET SpyCam

  • Bug fixes

Download Instructions:


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