Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dead Space 1.1.33 (v1.1.33) Android Apk Game

Dead Space v1.1.33
Requirements: Android 2.3
Overview: This stunning vision of the Dead Space franchise reproduces the cinematic horror of the console game with rich effects and atmospheric lighting.

Experience the hardcore gameplay as you struggle to survive the Necromorph onslaught in 6 varied environments. Access the Plasma Saw and Core Extractor, plus 3 more weapons from the Dead Space universe – then get on with the business of strategic dismemberment!

Dead Space is survival-horror game in the third-person with a heavy emphasis on shooting, similar to that of the iOS version of Resident Evil 4. Isaac wields an assortment of ways to kill his foes, including lethal mining tools, kinetic abilities that allow him to slow down time and pick up objects, and melee attacks. Throughout his adventure, as Isaac traverses the many halls of the Sprawl, he will be forced to fend off waves and waves of Necromorphs, often required to unlock doors and gain access to new areas to progress the story. Aiming your weapon, whether it is the limb-severing Plasma Cutter or the gore-inducing Ripper, is as easy as tapping on the right part of the screen and sliding your finger, moving Isaac with the left finger on the directional pad. Reloading requires a simple press of the ammunition icon, which is easily visible on each weapon, and switching to the secondary fire requires a small tilt of the device.

The controls and touchscreen aiming all work perfectly, with one major flaw: firing your weapon. Unfortunately, firing is dodgy at best, requiring multiple taps at times to fire one shot, wasting precious ammo and oftentimes causing death from the relentless enemies. In a survival horror game, especially one where ammo is scarce, this is unacceptable. It’s too bad to because the genuinely scary moments and fights are often wasted on player frustration. Dead Space offers a home console experience, something that is extremely commendable on a handheld device, especially at the generous price point of seven dollars.

Dead Space’s production values are some of the highest on a portable device, even more noteworthy considering the whole game is played off rails. The PlayStation 2-quality graphics offer high-resolution textures and detailed models, with false or limited, but well implemented lighting. The bleak, claustrophobic hallways of the Sprawl may grow repetitive, but the excellent artistic design successfully shares many aesthetic similarities to the original Alien film. The music score is excellent as well, implementing mellow tunes during lulls in the action with eccentric and violent violin strings during moments of horror and distress. Dead Space features the best music score of any handheld device I have ever heard. Play with headphones and enjoy!
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