Saturday, August 27, 2011

DoggCatcher Podcast Player 1.2.2570 (v1.2.2570) Android Apk App

DoggCatcher Podcast Player v1.2.2570
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Manage your podcasts and RSS/news feeds with the most highly rated Podcatcher in the Market.
DoggCatcher Podcast Player


  • -Easy to find new podcasts/feeds

  • -Fully automated download and cleanup of media files

  • -Offline playback of audio and video

  • -Categories for feeds

  • -Updated frequently - 30+ updates during the past year

  • -Active user community - 5000+ forum posts

  • -Highly configurable

  • -Variable speed playback (this is at an BETA stage and requires the purchase of a third party audio library named Presto)

Add feeds by
  • -Browsing Top 100 DoggCatcher feeds

  • -Getting recommendations based on your feed subscriptions

  • -Searching podcast and news directories

  • -Importing for Google Reader/Listen

  • -Importing from OPML

Integrated Audio/Video Player
  • -Plays downloaded audio/video

  • -Streams audio over network (wifi/cell)

  • -Remembers play position of media file

  • -Plays video formats supported by Android

RSS/News feeds
  • -Supports RSS 1.0, 2.0, and ATOM

  • -Displays inline images

  • -Automatically updates feeds on a configurable interval

  • -Automatically download new media

  • -Automatically deletes media that has been listened to

Community and support
  • -Frequently updated

  • -Very active user community in forums

  • -Audio playlist for continuous play of new media

  • -Video/News playlists for easy navigation of new media

  • -Battery/data plan friendly - can limit downloads based on network/power connections

  • -Media download queue can be viewed and managed

  • -Bluetooth support (A2DP/AVRCP)

  • -Supports authenticated feeds (username/password)

Community and support at

Requires SDcard for HTC Incredible

Recent changes:
  1. Lots of improvments to virtual feeds

  2. Ability to configure the directory that a feed uses for media storage

  3. Ability to stream an item that is in the download queue

  4. Preference to enable/disable video auto-rotate

  5. Ability to force device to stay awake when playing audio

  6. [Bug] Virtual feed media is not excluded from android media library with share media is enabled

  7. [Bug] On tablet, items on the right pane not update all the times that they should

Download Instructions:


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