Sunday, August 14, 2011

DoMobile eRay 3.06 (v3.06) Android Apk App Download

DoMobile eRay v3.06
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: Put the apps into Safe, they will never be killed by eRay.

Help you to use your phone better

  • useful manager

  • 12in1 switch widget

  • all status widget

  • show you all status

  • storage status

  • Clean cache and memory

  • App manager

  • startup manager

  • Task manager

  • auto find and install apk

  • All useful switch

  • All volume control

  • CPU and memory usage history chart,monitor in status bar

  • Net Bandwidth Monitor

other app:
  • eFile - file manager

  • eMode - profiles manager

  • ShareKeyboard - real keyboard

KW: task kill taskkill ATK app killer tool tools taskmanager task manager system panel systempanel process manager processmanager memory taskpanel task panel Advanced Process android 2.3 Android Assistant

Recent changes:
  • support android2.3.4

Download Instructions:


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