Monday, August 15, 2011

GlassPong v1.0 3D (1.0) Android Apk Game

GlassPong v1.0 3D
Requirements: Android
Overview: GlassPong is a virtual game app.

*Million downloads at iOS*
Throw as many ping -pong balls into the glass as possible within 60 seconds!
Utilizing phone' s accelerometer, it feels much like throwing a real ping-pong ball !
Once you catch the glass, YOU WILL BEADICTTED!!!

GlassPong Rules;
  • 60-sec time attack stage

  • Orange ball : 5 times the score

  • Buzzer Beater : 10 times the score

  • Catching the glass in consecutive successes doubles the score up to five times

How To Play;
  1. Hold your phone, The ball appears asyou put your finger on the display

  2. Tilt phone toward the direction (left<>right ) you want to throw

  3. Shake phone vertically, releasing your finger to throw the ball

  4. 4. Catching the glass with the ball gives you the score. Throw as many as you can within 60 sec

  5. Let 's share and compare your score to friends and others on Twitter and

* Please Sign In from option menu.

Download Instructions:

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