Thursday, August 18, 2011

Machinarium v2 (Flash Game) Android Apk Game

Machinarium 2
Requirements: browser with FlashPlayer
Overview: Machinarium is a breathtaking Flash-based 2D graphical adventure game. The beautiful and well-realized setting is a steampunk robot world; only robots live there, and they speak in thought balloons and pantomime.

As your robot avatar first pieces himself together and then makes his way inside a robot castle, you'll immediately be struck by how immersive the experience is. The haunting music and sound effects are wonderful, and you'll have a blast picking up objects (which the robot places inside himself like a trash can) and using them to interact with the environment. Your robot can also make himself a little taller or shorter in order to better reach things; comically, he doesn't walk very steadily while in these forms. It may remind you of Pixar's animated film Wall-E, but Machinarium doesn't suffer from the comparison.

Download Instructions: Archive to extract the memory card
launch the browser and type
file: / / / mnt / sdcard / Machinarium / machinarium.htm (You can add bookmark)


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