Wednesday, August 31, 2011

N64oid 2.2.3 (v2.2.3) Android Apk App

N64oid v2.2.3

N64oid is the very famous Nintendo 64 emulator optimized for Android. It is a port of Mupen64plus, along with Ari64's ARM dynarec (and gles2N64 as an option).

  • * Run most games smoothly at a reasonable speed (if not full speed) with sound. This requires you have a high-end device (Nexus-S, Galaxy-S, Xoom, etc).

  • * Good game compatibility compared to other N64 emulators running on mobile devices. And most likely more issues will be fixed in future updates.

  • * Save/load game states at ANY points, as well as in-game save support. Save files are fully compatible with Mupen64plus on PC.

  • * A configurable, translucent on-screen keypad that is very easy to use.

  • * Key mappings to map game keys to hardware buttons.

  • * Option to use the G-sensor as the analog stick.

  • * A variety of settings that you can tune on your needs.

*System requirement*
  • - Android 2.0 or above

  • - ARMv7 compatible CPU

  • - OpenGL-ES 2.0

*NOTE*: Save files generated by v1.1.4 are no longer supported. Sorry!

  • - Mupen64plus team

  • - Ari64 for his excellent ARM dynarec

  • - gles2N64 project team

  • - Crualfoxhound for beta testing (Plus he's always been ready to answer questions on the forum)

  • - Fixed crash and graphics issue on Droid-3

  • - Fixed a lot of non-(U) games

  • - Fixed minor gfx issues in 'Animal Forest' and 'Diddy Kong Racing'

  • - Fixed screenshot upside-down on Galaxy S2

  • - Fixed screen shifting and black sky in 'Start Wars EP1 Racer'

  • - Fixed some missing objects in 'LEGO Racers'

  • - Option to enable Rumble pak (emulated by vibrating your phone!)

  • - Fixed texture issues on certain devices.

  • - Fixed crash in:

  • * Zelda OOT & MM

  • * Perfect Dark

  • * Ogre Battle 64

  • - Option to enable fog effect (making games like StarFox more realistic!)

  • - Fixed depth issue in 'Toy Story 2'

  • - Fixed Zelda OOT: get back the missing health heart and mini cap cursors (could fix similar issues in other games as well)

  • - Joystick/gamepad support on Android 3.1 (iControlPad tested)

  • - Add quick load/save button on Action Bar (for Honeycomb)

  • - Fixed depth issue on Galaxy S2

  • - Changed to a new app icon

-Released By The Market Militia-

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