Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Solaris Alpha 3.02 (v3.02) Android Apk App

Solaris Alpha v3.02
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Realtime 3D views of Earth's aurora and the ultraviolet Sun, at your fingertips!

Be ready for 2012 and beyond with Solaris Alpha, featuring realtime 3D views of Sun and Earth. Receive automatic solar flare, geomagnetic storm, and aurora alerts on your phone!

Solaris Alpha's sun view displays the latest xray flares and sunspots on our home star, at four extreme ultraviolet wavelengths. Effortlessly move around the Sun and zoom into interesting regions with a touch of your finger!

But there's more - this app also features a realtime 3D view of Earth's aurora, cloud-cover, and sunlight. Watch northern and southern lights, storms, and sunshine move across our planet - all in the palm of your hand!

The application uses data from NASA STEREO, SDO and NOAA polar orbiter spacecraft - downloaded from outer space to your phone. Solaris Alpha alerts you with a ringtone when new solar flares are detected, geomagnetic storm level increases, or when the aurora may be visible from your phone's location. If you are interested in solar astronomy and space weather, you need this app!

The app's storm/aurora/flare detector now automatically starts when your phone boots, and you will receive alerts whether or not SolarisAlpha is running (select "Disable auto-refresh" from Solaris' option menu to disable auto-detect/start-on-boot) PLEASE NOTE: Android does NOT support start-on-boot services if an app is installed on your phone's SD card, so you must install SolarisAlpha on your phone to enable detector start-on-boot.

What's in this version:

  • "Help" now in first options menu

  • Workaround for Android networking bug

Download Instructions:


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