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Deadly Chambers Android | Download | Review

Download Deadly Chambers for Android

Android shooters are somewhat of a rare commodity, a minimum of when put next to the slew of puzzle and arcade vogue games that form up the bulk of the Android gaming market. a number of you will have some expertise with Android shooters, as well as Quake, and therefore the port of GameLoft’s Nova.  Today, we’re bringing you a replacement addition to the current rather sparse genre: Battery Powered Games’ Deadly Chambers.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot
In Deadly Chambers, you play as Dr. Chambers (clever, yes?), who has been taken captive by some unknown assailant and compelled to fight for his escape. whereas enjoying, you may be faced with varied foes, who get harder and more durable to beat as you progress through the sport.  Never fear, though, for you're constantly rewarded with larger and higher weapons to slay your enemies.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot
The game will primarily fall underneath each the FPS and TPS (third-person shooter) classes, every of that has its benefits and drawbacks. Are you curious nevertheless on how this game stacks up against the likes of titles like Quake and Nova? Continue reading when the break for the complete review of Deadly Chambers for Android.
Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot
When you 1st load up Deadly Chambers, you're presented with the choice to start out a replacement game, continue your saved game (you will solely have 1), or return and play a level you've got already cleared.  When beginning a replacement game, you're presented with the quality picks of “Easy”, “Normal”, and “Hard”.  I generally wish to go the center route on something, thus for the needs of this review, I selected “Normal”.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot

The presentation of the menus and loading screens incorporates a terribly polished feel, and an attention to detail that's typically times neglected in games.  The loading screen between every level marks your progress to the fifth and final level.

Before you enter a level, you need to 1st choose the 3 weapons you would like to bring with you. select wisely, as a result of once you decide them, the sole thanks to choose new weapons is to start out the amount once again.  When 1st beginning out, you're given solely a pistol, however you unlock extra weapons as you progress through the sport. there's quite a various vary of weapons to decide on from, as well as a sawed-off shotgun, laser rifle, Tommy gun, and my personal favorite, the bazooka.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot
When you begin a level, you're greeted with a taunting message from your captor (I’m not precisely certain how you receive said message.  MMS perhaps?  I hope Dr. Chambers isn't obtaining charged roaming fees).  Speaking of Dr. Chambers, the character model’s face is eerily lifelike, and makes me marvel that of the developers was chosen to be the protagonist.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot
Now, in terms of the UI, you're given many totally different camera choices, as well as a first-person mode, and several other third-person ones. i will be able to discuss first-person during a minute, except for currently, let’s specialise in the third-person facet of this game, that is that the default camera angle. whereas the sport follows a linear progression, the areas within which the enemies spawn is something however. every area you enter becomes sealed off, and can solely unlock when you've got defeated a series of enemies that magically seem throughout the space.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot
Playing in third-person provides you a way higher probability at seeing when enemies are spawning beside and behind you, that is sometimes the case.  I found that enjoying in first-person needed a relentless turning motion, that isn't precisely the best factor to try to to.  One draw back to the current is that the loss of correct aiming, and though there's somewhat of an auto-aim feature whereas in third-person mode, it makes the sport feel slightly low-cost.

This sadly brings us to the game’s most basic flaw: the particular gameplay itself.  For the primary 2 levels, the whole enjoying expertise consisted of traveling from area to area, killing monsters that spawn in no logical order, and hoping that a first-aid kit or some ammunition randomly drops.  I found myself running out of ammo additional times than I might count, and while not the way to melee attack, you're essentially left to die and begin once more.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot

(update): i used to be informed that once you run out of ammo, additional can drop somewhere within the area, thus you're never left while not a way to fight. maybe I overlooked this, or maybe it wasn’t obvious enough.  Either way, I felt the necessity to feature this update.

Many of the monsters utilize a ranged attack, that I found tough to avoid and value me an excellent deal of health. you're ready to continue from where you died, however rather than spawning outside of the space where said death occurred, you're forced to run all the manner back through the amount.

The levels additionally left abundant to be desired, with most of the wall and floor textures finding their manner into each single area I visited.  The textures themselves weren’t essentially unhealthy, however i used to be uninterested in seeing them when regarding the third area.

I take into account myself a fairly seasoned gamer across a spread of various platforms.  However, i used to be unable to continue enjoying past the second level of this game for a spread of reasons.  First, and most significantly, the ratio of monsters to kill and ammunition dropped wasn't enough to stay myself armed for the period of the generally endless spawns of enemies.  On traditional issue setting, I died over ten times attempting to induce through a very nasty area, that considerably reduced my want to continue enjoying.

Deadly Chambers Android Screenshoot

Secondly, the sport itself was incredibly redundant and uninspiring. the sole distinctive expertise was the boss found at the tip of the primary level, that needed somewhat of thinking to be ready to beat.  This game might have considerably benefited from having to assume a trifle bit, instead of simply mindlessly shooting enemies ninety fifth of the time.

Graphically, the sport wasn't terrible.  The weapons all had distinctive skins, the monsters were straightforward enough to differentiate, and though the amount styles were redundant, visually they were pleasant. i used to be additionally impressed by the stability of the sport.  The user menus, weapon changing, and overall gameplay were uninterrupted by glitches of any kind.

Also, story is an typically overlooked facet in several games, and this one isn't any exception.  The plot i used to be ready to gather is i used to be being held captive for no apparent reason by some unseen foe, and my solely mission was to blast my manner through unexplainable monsters to realize my freedom. I perceive this can be a game on a itinerant, however I don’t assume meaning there’s no area for a meaningful storyline.

Specification Deadly Chambers :

5 Levels
10 characters Enemy
18 Weapons
4 Difficulties

Multitouch a pair of.0 + devices.

Controls: OTS (normal) mode, using the middle of the screen to maneuver forward, backward and switch left and right. Press the management curves on the edges to strafe. within the shooting mode within the center sq. is unengaged to look for and border buttons move.

Make your method through 5 distinctive levels of the dangerous guys and executives and unlock a cache of weapons and achievements during this 3D high-definition over-the-shoulder shooter.

This is the HD version can solely work properly in high-end devices, like Xoom Motorola, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and S Galaxy and others with graphics processors. If you're unsure that version to download homes mortal or doesn't work well for you, please acquire the quality version instead.

Please see the video for an indication controls!

Using the universal library of Immersion haptic vibration management for advanced.

Recent changes:
Fixed a number of rare conditions near the force


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