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Installing 3rd party Apps Android without Original Market

 Installing Android Apps with 3rd party, So no need to purchase any apps!

So you’ve taken the plunge and determined to urge an Android phone? Your friend got an iPhone, your mom told you you don’t even would like a wise phone, and therefore the weird salesman in Best obtain has been making an attempt to sell you on Windows Phone seven. Despite all of that, you stayed true and got an Android phone. or even your folks simply got you one as a present. despite why you bought here, you’re here. Welcome to Android one hundred and one, where i'll try to assist you get to higher understand your phone. These posts ought to assist you delve into the vast world of Android. Topic for now? Non market apps; a crucial factor to find out to essentially let your phone loose. Hit the break to find out additional.

One of the massive attracts of Android has forever been the power to put in apps while not using the Android Market. These non Market apps are usually known as “3rd Party” apps. There are 2 ways in which to put in these special apps and plenty of advantages to learning the way to do that. the primary way? merely finding apps on the net and putting in them to your phone. initial is that the setup.


So what does one got to do to be ready to install these third party apps? Not a lot of, in fact. whereas this might diverge on your phone, the final guideline is this: Hit menu whereas on your home screen, head to settings, choose applications, and there ought to be a box for you to examine that says “Unknown sources” (or one thing similar). If you can’t realize this, you ought to get a message the primary time you are attempting and install a third party app permitting you to examine it simply then. currently that you’re already for this, we have a tendency to move onto the primary technique of installation. The “apk”.

The “.apk” file

When you realize an app on the net you’ll understand based mostly on the file sort. If you see “coolapp.apk” you’ll understand that if you set this app on your phone you’ll install the app “coolapp” (side note: the name of the app doesn't got to be the name of the file you found. it's not uncommon to seek out an apk file that's named one thing completely different. thus coolthing.apk might install an app known as “wicked sweet.”). Apk’s resemble .exe files on a computer and .dmg on a Mac. They’re the items that allow you put in stuff. think about “apk” as a brief for “application.” Once you’ve gotten it on your phone you wish to seek out it! That’s where a file manager application comes in. Applications like Andro nada and Astro within the Market are the foremost famous, however the other applications that enable you to browse the files on your phone can suffice. Once you’ve got the file manager up and running all you wish to try and do is choose the apk file you’re making an attempt to put in. whereas {the completely different the various} sub menus could also be different, you ought to be prompted to put in the app (in Andro nada simply clicking it'll offer you the choice to put in, Astro needs you to press one or 2 things before obtaining there). Boom! Your app is installed!

The “Non Market” Market/App Store

There are plenty of different markets out there believe it or not. the foremost famous and trusted non market market would be the Amazon App store. however it doesn’t finish there and there are several different app stores out there. For the foremost half, you won’t would like something past the Android Market (the one pre-installed on your phone). The Amazon App store sometimes has secret goodies that the Market doesn’t (specifically having a paid app be free for sooner or later, everyday). If those 2 don’t suffice there are others. no matter your reason is, these completely different app stores and markets are there for you, and every are often helpful thus it’s necessary you recognize what they're. as an example, say you actually need an emulator on your phone. There are not any dedicated emulators on the market. However, a famous developer has place all of his emulators in an app store -for free- known as SlideMe. These app stores have other ways of putting in them however once you’ve downloaded them to your phone they ought to act terribly equally to the Android Market. putting in them is either within the .apk method with the .apk file downloadable on their web site, or truly within the Android Market. Once you’ve put in them though, you’re on your own. There are too several on behalf of me to elucidate how all of them work.

Don’t non Market apps have viruses?

How do I place this? ninety nine NO. almost like putting in something on your pc, the overwhelming majority of third party apps are clean. there's an incredibly tiny range of Chinese Markets that are notorious for distributing virus crammed apps. If you’re reading this web site, you’re in all probability not worried concerning those. additional importantly, you shouldn’t be afraid to put in one thing on your phone simply because the media likes to possess a field day attacking something that’s successful. If you trust the web site or person you bought the app from it’s smart. If that isn’t enough for you, you've got to examine the permissions to put in ANY app. whereas you shouldn’t check out these too closely (since wanting talking with the developer you almost certainly won’t perceive why you wish everything), you ought to still look in case something stands proud. If you’re putting in a calculator and it tells you it must be ready to access your personal info and send texts it’s in all probability a no no. But again, it's a standard misconception that putting in third party apps can provide your phone viruses. Unless you’re terribly stupid concerning where you get your apps from you’ll be fine.

And that’s your initial lesson category. Now, exit and be free!

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