Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Download pokemon Android, free game download,and review

That’s right, the Pokemon Team has announced a free game for Android and iOS known as (or roughly translated) Pokemon Say faucet. Yes, it’s not a shoddy third party try at dodging copyright law, however the particular Pokemon Team performing on an app for Android and iOS.

This move comes as a surprise for 2 reasons. First, mobile gaming platforms (iOS, Android, WP7, etc) are commencing to be known as direct competitors with mobile gaming platforms (Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, etc). The second reason for this surprise is Nintendo’s own Satoru Iwata’s formal stance against free games. He has overtly stated he doesn't just like the plan of free games that you just pay money for in game. whether or not or not he had a amendment of heart (we’re thinking not), Now you can download pokemon Android and this game is slated for summer in Japan. Here’s to hoping it makes its method overseas and to different places round the world.

Download pokemon for Android,APK,screenshoot

Detail for pokemon android :

Pokemon Game for Android
Recent changes Pokmom v3.5 Android game:
47 pokemon (so far)
Poké Balls, potions .. and
City five added
added new Pokemon (8 pokemons)
Now comes the wild Geodude
eevee added that evolves randomly Flarion, or joltion vaporion (instead of stones)
scheduled new attack mechanism
resistance mechanism re scheduled
Pokemon Game for Android
This is a game of Pokemon Battle Android devices primarily based on the classic characters. this can be the primary Pokemon game for Android, Android app / game developer, thus please provide info to enhance the sport in future updates. Place you’re an acquaintance of classic Pokemon games to provide him an opportunity.

Download pokemon Android :

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